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More on the Ranger

Assuming that you've stuck with the class through its terrible teens, your ranger and you should be having a pretty swell time by 25 (though, in the grand scheme of things, this is still pretty early in the game).  Here are some ideas of what's to come or what you should already (maybe) have a pretty good idea about.

Obviously, at 20, you received your first stigma, Arrow Deluge, which leaves you with one stigma slot to go for now. The best option for this second slot is--yeah, you guessed it, Sleep Arrow. This stigma is pivotal in both PvE and small scale PvP (if it's Zerg Vs Zerg like fortress battles, chances are it will just get broken). Here's a decent tip: You can actually sleep an enemy without aggroing it, though it will still attack if you're too close when the sleep wears off. In instances this is especially useful, since you can play hero and sleep a patrol before it comes within range of the group, making for a pretty neat little pause button on their path. At 25 you get access to another essential stigma, yeah, you probably guessed it--again, Silence Arrow. aion gold. This shot is great for interrupting annoying things like heals and Temporarily Armor Clad (another haphazardly named ability).  At 30 your third Stigma slot opens its doors for entry (the fourth is at 40, then the fifth at 50; the advanced stigma quest starts at 45), this slot has a bit more freedom, though most rangers - yours truly included - will recommend Bow of Blessing. When stacked with Devotion, this nice little buff can give you some significant burst to blow things up with.

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